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With world-class training opportunities in a variety of roles, we are looking for new talent to join our high-performance team and kick start your career in packaging. Find out more about our opportunities here.  


Meet Graeme

Having recently been promoted to Shift Manager at Coveris’ flagship labels facility in Cramlington (Northumberland), Graeme has come a long way from where he started as a Rewind Operative 22 years ago. 

Graeme congratulations on your recent promotion. Can you tell us about your career so far? 

Thank you - I’m still getting to grips with my new role as a Shift manager but it’s going well so far! I first started working at Coveris as a Rewind Operative when I was 16 before going on to do a three-year Print Apprenticeship a number of years later on. It was a very small factory in those days, so it was quite different, and I think I worked on just about every machine going! Prior to being promoted to Shift Manager I was working as a Printer. 


What does your current role involve?

My new role involves running the shift which means I manage the shopfloor. I keep an eye on what’s going on the presses, try to keep running speeds up and improve the production process to maximise efficiency. 


What has made you stay with the company for so long?

There are lots of opportunities for career development. Twenty years ago we didn’t get much training but since being acquired by Paragon previously and now Coveris, it’s very professional, progressive, and we receive ongoing training, particularly in Health and Safety. We have lots of opportunities to go on different courses to gain new qualifications. Everyone is encouraged to learn new skills regardless of their role. Also, all job vacancies at Coveris in the UK and Europe are advertised internally so if you want to change roles or move to another site you can do.


What is the working environment like?

The working environment is friendly and relaxed but it’s still a very efficient well-run factory. I get on well with everyone including the management; there’s no hierarchy and everyone respects each other. I’ve grown up with a lot of the people here so we’re all friends. There’s also been a lot of investment recently in technology and facilities. Coveris has spent over £3M improving operations and facilities at the site so it’s going to be like a brand-new factory. We’ve also had a say on where the money is spent; the management have taken our suggestions on board which makes you feel like a valued member of the team. It’s quite exciting to see the improvements taking shape. 


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