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Coveris’ Food Science Lab in Gainsborough has invested in Total Pack Testing (TPT) technology to further reduce food waste and support future developments in the field of ethylene removal. Providing multi-test capabilities for film leakage, burst and ethylene management, TPT supports the next generation of Coveris’ packaging solutions for fresh produce and protein, going far beyond standard O2 and CO2 headspace gas analysis.

Ethylene is a plant hormone produced naturally by fruits such as bananas, avocados and tomatoes to regulate ripening, but its continuing action leads to degrading food quality. The new TPT investment enables us to now add ethylene analysis to our Food Science capabilities and support innovation of engineered packaging to help control ethylene to minimise waste. 

Top Tip: 

Keeping pre-packed fresh produce in its packaging can help to maintain freshness and reduce waste. Our packaging has many useful functions and can even slow premature ripening of fresh fruits and vegetables like mangoes, kiwifruit and tomatoes.

Did you know?

Ripe fruit can trigger unripe fruit to ripen faster. If you place a ripe fruit like an avocado alongside, for example, an unripe banana, the riper fruit will trigger the other fruit to ripen more quickly, leading to reduced freshness and more waste!