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The Coveris Group, which specialises in flexible packaging made of plastic and paper, has won an award for its PaperBarrier Seal product at the Swiss Emmi Group's Fair Inno Pack competition. Out of a total of 80 packaging concepts submitted, 32 entries from 38 different suppliers advanced to the second round. In the end, the expert judges assembled by Emmi awarded the PaperBarrier Seal concept from Coveris along with seven other product solutions.

Coveris has developed a recyclable paper-based packaging that - similar to conventional plastic packaging - has a high barrier function against moisture, oxygen, greases and mineral oils. Coveris’ PaperBarrier Seal is food-safe and can therefore be used with food products, as well as hygiene products. Promoting a circular economy, Coveris’ PaperBarrier Seal makes use of existing recycling streams and is recyclable as paper at kerbside collections.

The Emmi Group, a leading manufacturer of high-quality dairy products, launched the Fair Inno Pack competition to promote and encourage innovative ideas for sustainable packaging solutions. Emmi is actively involved with various Swiss organisations to promote the circular economy, including Drehscheibe Kreislaufwirtschaft and PRISMA, where Emmi is one of the founding members. With the Fair Inno Pack competition, Emmi aims to raise awareness of the sustainable circular economy and intensify its collaboration with leading packaging companies such as Coveris.

"At Emmi, we recognise that our success is linked to sustainable growth and a planet that is kept unspoilt," says Günter Englmeier, Head of Research and Development at Emmi Switzerland. "For this reason, we are actively committed to a circular economy and are constantly on the look-out for innovative solutions to make our packaging more environmentally friendly. The Fair Inno Pack competition is an important step in making such solutions visible and driving forward collaboration with packaging manufacturers such as Coveris."

"We are extremely honoured that our PaperBarrier Seal packaging solution has won an award in the Emmi Group's Fair Inno Pack competition," said Jürgen Taut, Managing Director of Coveris Flexibles Germany. "This award reaffirms our commitment to sustainable packaging solutions and underlines Coveris' innovative strength. We look forward to collaborating with the Emmi Group to test this pioneering packaging solution for feasibility as well as consumer acceptance and, if implemented, to make a positive contribution to resource conservation and the circular economy."

The next steps for Coveris and the Emmi Group will be to deepen their partnership and work closely together to further develop the PaperBarrier Seal product family.

More information about the PaperBarrier Seal product family is available here.

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Katja Kilian (left) and Sabine Schubert (right) receiving the Award in Luzern

Katja Kilian (left) and Sabine Schubert (right) receiving the Award in Luzern

The finalists in front of the EMMI headquarter in Luzern

The finalists in front of the EMMI headquarter in Luzern