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The UK Coveris Community Fund (CCF) has donated £4,000 to the Samaritans to help fund an urgent building and restoration project. The charity’s Mid Cheshire Centre in Northwich, near Coveris Winsford, is in a bad state of repair and is facing a bill of around £37,000 to make the necessary improvements.

The team at Coveris Winsford applied for a grant from the Coveris Community Fund (CCF) to donate to the charity to help with the repairs.

The CCF is a UK-based trust initiative set up by the business to support charities and community initiatives and give staff greater involvement in deciding which good causes to support, and to encourage them to become actively involved in these through volunteering.

To be eligible for funding the charities or causes must be aligned with Coveris’ core values which focus on protecting people or the planet. Criteria includes support for vulnerable or disadvantaged people, physical and mental health and wellbeing through involvement in sport and recreation or environmental responsibility within our local communities.

As well as donating £4,000 (one of the CCF’s biggest grants to date), Coveris Winsford employees will be donating their time and helping with the restoration of the centre during the later stages of the project.

Mike Richardson, Technical Director at Coveris Winsford, said: “I’m delighted and proud that the CCF is supporting our local Samaritans’ appeal for funding to help pay for the refurbishment. 

“This is a valued charity in our local community – they offer help and support to people who are struggling to cope 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“Our enthusiastic team of volunteers are on standby to lend a hand during the restoration project and can’t wait to get started and see the finished results!” 

Annie Mills, Mid Cheshire (Northwich) Samaritans Branch Director, added: “Coveris has led the way with its kind donation, and really helped us get started on our unexpected fundraising journey to repair our building. We’re really pleased to be working with such an amazing, innovative company.

“It has been a difficult task, but people have been amazingly generous, and we have been able to stay in the building while the work is ongoing - even introducing night shifts! However, we are still about £5,000 short so any extra funding would be gratefully received.

“We want to work more closely with local businesses and organisations and find out how we can help them, but also let them know about our work. It is stronger to talk than keep silent, and the earlier the better when you are experiencing difficult times.

“Also, we’re still in need of volunteers so if anyone out there is interested, please get in touch!”